After 95 years, Prudential felt the need to realign its purpose. In a time of globalisation and digitalisation, the company embraced their responsibility to innovate healthcare, accelerate financial inclusion and unleash employees' talent to reimagine wellbeing. These objectives were summed up in a simple purpose statement – Help people get the most out of life.
I was approached by Archetype with the task of developing a roll-out strategy and compelling visual identity, across a range of internal assets, to inform and inspire Prudential employees worldwide to adopt the new brand purpose as their own.
Together with Archetype's Creative Director Lee Devine, we developed a visual identity that turned the abstract concept of purpose into easy-to-understand, relatable imagery and graphical style that explained and depicted Prudential’s new purpose and values in a way that spoke to employees, regardless of their role or where in the world they worked.
Finally, we rolled out the campaign across multiple assets from desktop backgrounds and intranet banners to in-depth infographics, videos, playbooks and visual brand guidelines to support Prudential leaders in spreading the company’s new purpose.

Creative Director
Lee Devine
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