Lucy and Oliver challenged me to create a brand that would capture several elements of their wellness retreat Maison Des Figuiers in southern France. 
Firstly, figs! The chateau is named after the fig trees that grow in its courtyard, so I created an intricate lattice pattern from a fig silhouette. This motif will then feature on wallpaper and fretwork throughout the retreat's interior.
Secondly, the centrepiece of the design is a bee illustration to symbolise the earth's ecosystem and provider of the delicious honey products that they grow and make organically onsite. Currently, the team are busy bees themselves developing stationery, beauty products, jewellery and clothing that will be 'sealed' with a beeswax monogram.
Surrounding and completing the identity are ancient symbols associated with healing and wellness including the Eye of Horus and Yin Yang to represent the wealth of services the team offer.
Maison Des Figuiers
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