A collaborative project between perfectamundo and musicians Laurent Havette and Oliver Walker.
The research began with a deep dive into the duos ethereal sound, which is created at their studio in Turenne, France—conveniently located smack bang at forty five degrees latitude—an imaginary line that circles the planet and is known for its magical energy.
The core branding is composed of a simple geometric shape called a polyhedron, and is symbolic of an energy machine/device—much like what the ancient pyramids were supposedly used for. This shape then acts a 'magnet'; warping parallel lines as they're pulled towards it. To create further illusion, the pyramid behaves like a prism; refracting light which bounces around when it hits the sphere suspended within its walls. 
Additionally, the design is an optical illusion as it an be viewed from two perspectives.... 
A spectrum of colour is added to create a rich, harmonious environment for the shapes to live in. 
Finally, a wealth of touchpoints including merchandise such as tees, vinyl slipmatts and their series of soon-to-be released EPs, plus giant artworks bring the brand to life and give it context in the real world.

FortyFifth Parallel
Creative Director
Alastair McCarley​​​​​​​
Check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and Juno
...and the video for their first release 'On Hold' below...
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